Zhang Ziyi responds to Wang Feng’s ex by changing Weibo profile photo

Actress doesn’t fight back against Ge Huijie’s charges of phoniness


Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, 37, has quietly changed her Weibo profile photo to feature a tiny hand belonging to her newborn daughter, nicknamed Xing Xing, apparently as a form a silent protest against the charges of being phoney lobbed at her.

Ziyi roused the ire of Ge Huijie, a former girlfriend of her beau, musician Wang Feng, for posting photos taken with their daughter, Apple, 11 this year.

Huijie lashed out at Ziyi on Weibo, accusing the actress of acting like a fake and harbouring motives for appearing close to Apple, whom she gave birth to when she was 18 and dating Wang Feng.


Ziyi has not responded directly to Huijie’s accusations or posted on social media about them.

The actress accepted Wang Feng’s proposal on her 36th birthday and gave birth to Xing Xing, her first child and his third, on December 27.

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