Zhang Ziyi speaks up about unsafe vaccine shots in China

The actress recently brought her daughter for her vaccine shot in the States.


Photos: PBE Media

Two days ago, new mum Ziyi, who had started following the talk about unsafe vaccines on Weibo, used a conversational tone to draw attention to the recent cases of unsafe vaccines in Shenzhen.

The actress also revealed a picture of her daughter, Xing Xing, with her vaccine shot and wrote about China’s unsafe vaccines which is becoming an increasingly huge problem in the country, “I’ve spoken up on my Weibo numerous times. There are so many cases of spoilt vaccines, where is the National Regulation System? Why are there so many similar cases popping out, with nothing done to stop it? How can the production and circulation departments work together to prevent such cases from happening?”

Following that, the 37-year-old posted again with a picture of her daughter’s vaccine shots, and shared about her personal experience with fans.

“Little Xing Xing is almost three months old. I brought her for her shot the other day, and asked the nurse if I could see the vial, as well as its name and expiry date. The nurses were very accommodating, as there was once a case in the US where a child was given more than the required dose.

“In order to avoid unnecessary harm to the child, parents, please ask the doctors and nurses “more questions” about the vaccines,” she wrote, “I believe they will understand where you’re coming from. Little Xing Xing’s next vaccination is scheduled to be in Beijing, and I will ask more questions then.”

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