Zhang Ziyi, stepdaughter flaunt matching bags in Weibo photo

Wang Feng’s ex takes offence with actress’s family photo


Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, 37, posted a family photo on Weibo on Monday of her with her beau, Chinese rock musician Wang Feng, 44, and his eldest daughter, Apple, 11 this year.

“Our 214,” the simple caption read, likely a reference to Valentine’s Day, February 14. In the photo, Ziyi and Apple appeared to be carrying bags from the same brand.

But Apple’s mother, Chinese model Ge Huijie, took offence with the photo, and she responded on Weibo: “Please hold your own daughter when you’re showing off how happy you are, and what is it about this man that brings you joy? You’ve gone through this before, so why do you have to act like a phoney with my daughter?”


Huijie was dating Wang Feng when she gave birth to Apple at 18, but the couple split under bitter circumstances. Since then, Huijie has been vocal about her dislike for Wang Feng and her desire to take back Apple from the girl’s father.

Ziyi gave birth to Wang Feng’s third daughter on December 27.

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