Zhang Ziyi turns 37; Wang Feng gives tiered birthday cake

‘It’s so nice that there are people thinking of me,’ actress says


Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi turned 37 on February 9, and on Wednesday she posted photos of her birthday celebration on Weibo.

The new mum posed next to the three-tiered birthday cake from her beau, Chinese rock musician Wang Feng. The cake was decorated with cartoon images of pigs and sheep, their Chinese zodiac signs, and the message, “Happy Birthday Zi Yi, Love you, forever.”


Other gifts Ziyi received included a handmade birthday card from her “eldest daughter” (possibly Wang Feng’s first child), a sweater from her grandmother and a poem written by her father. “It’s so nice that there are people thinking of me,” she said.

When Wang Feng reposted Ziyi’s Weibo update, he added: “Xing Xing’s mum, happy birthday! Everything is worth it and everything will be that wonderful!”

The couple welcomed “Xing Xing,” their daughter, Ziyi’s first and Wang Feng’s third, on December 27. “Xing Xing’s arrival made me feel that my life was only just beginning!” Ziyi said. “Turning 37, I’ve never been this happy!”

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