Zhang Ziyi wants to get married soon

The Chinese actress is “getting old” and hopes to set up a family unit as soon as possible

Zhang Ziyi

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and her beau Wang Feng went public with their relationship last November after the latter declared his love for her at his concert in Shanghai.

Despite previous wedding rumours, the two have yet to tie the knot. But at an event on Monday (Nov 24) for her latest movie The Crossing, she revealed her desire to get married soon.

Ziyi’s role in the movie, Yu Zhen, went through several obstacles before she managed to take a family portrait and in real life, she yearns to live happily with her parents and children. When asked of marriage plans with Wang Feng, the 35-year-old said, “It should be soon, I’m getting old,” seemingly hinting at the singer for a proposal.

Having bought preview tickets to The Crossing and Gone With The Bullets as “Mr Wang will definitely watch them,” without stating if they will do it together, Ziyi shared she makes it a point to book the entire theatre for her family and friends to watch the movies she takes part in.

Calling that her happiest moment, the thespian added, “That is the only time I can tell them what I was busy with when they shout for me to have my meals and I reply them that I’m busy. That is when I share my movies with them.”

As Ziyi has often portrayed sad or serious roles, she would like to try her hand at comedies for a change if a good script comes along “as I cannot possibly be miserable all day long, it gets tiring and taxing”.

With regards to her crying scenes in The Crossing, Ziyi says it takes time for her to cope with her emotions and “[I feel like] I die once after I bring out the sorrow in my role. It would be more relaxing if I take on comedies”.

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