WIN Star Award 2015 Show 2 tickets

We’re giving away pairs of tickets to the annual event 

WIN Star Award 2015 Show 2 tickets

The buzz surrounding the Star Awards has reached fever-pitch as the first of two shows will take place this Sunday.

The fruits of fans’ labours will be revealed at the two shows, with some of the categories, including Favourite Male Character, Favourite Female Character and Top 20 Most Popular Artistes, being fully dependent on the results of voting.

It’s been a non-stop cycle of musical chairs, with Xu Bin and Felicia Chin falling out of the Top 20 race this week while Elvin Ng made his return to the hotly contested list.

In addition to catching our local stars all dolled up for the annual glitz and glamour, we will be welcoming a bevy of international artistes who will add an extra shine to our very own Star Awards Show 2. The guest presenters are Karen Mok, Ella Chen (from S.H.E.), Ekin Cheng, Calvin Chen, Guo Shu Yao, Grasshoppers (Cao Meng), Daisy Fong (Fang Xin), Plungon (Hao Jiao Xiang Qi), Ivana Wong, Jerry Lamb, SaSa, Zeng Guo Cheng, Chung Hsin Ling and Choi Hao-ran.

Visit our microsite for more information on the Star Awards and stay tuned to Toggle for more.

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