15 minutes with Kang Ha Neul

The Korean actor fielded questions ranging from his ideal role opposite Twenty co-star Kim Woo Bin to why he doesn’t use SNS

15 minutes with Kang Ha Neul

Video: Charlene Chong

Korean actor Kang Ha Neul convinced us that he was the perfect actor next door on Saturday (Oct 31) but professed to being not as easygoing as what he appears to be in an closed door interview at Novotel Clarke Quay yesterday (Nov 1).

Starting off the interview with a personality test by the media, he readily agreed to being someone with a unique perspective and sharp judgement, making him hard to work with and seemingly proud at times.

Likening his personality to his role in hit drama Misaeng, Jang Baek-gi, a geeky office worker whose pride and hidden ambitions made viewers love and hate him at the same time. Yet, many were able to connect with his character because he knew that he was capable of so much more than what he was being assigned to do in his office, causing much inner turmoil especially when others around him viewed him as an all-around nice guy.

While his variety of roles in his recent projects have allowed him to show off his acting chops, the 25-year-old grinned that he would like to shoot a “psychological thriller with Twenty co-stars Kim Woo Bin and Lee Junho - and I hope to be the one who nabs Woo Bin as well”.

Having become bosom buddies after working on the movie together, the trio even spent last Christmas Eve together; it was just the three of them in a small restaurant knocking back bottles of soju.

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