17 questions with Go Ah Sung on love & life

The Korean actress spoke of her only criteria when looking for a boyfriend, her insecurities and thoughts on her career

17 questions with Go Ah Sung on love & life

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At the ripe old age of 22, Korean actress Go Ah Sung seems cynical and worldlier than her years – perhaps a result of making her showbiz debut at the tender age of four.

Having grown up in the limelight, notable works under her belt include box office hit The Host (2006), Korean drama Master of Study (2010) and even Hollywood’s Snowpiercer (2013).

Choosing to challenge herself by exploring different genres of acting, her latest role in Heard It As A Rumour is revolves around a common girl getting impregnated by her wealthy boyfriend. With his parents vehemently opposing their relationship, Han In Sang (Lee Joon) is torn between his love for Seo Bom (Go Ah Sung) and meeting his family’s expectations. Seo Bom, however, is determined to grit her teeth and endure anything in order to give her child a bright future.

The black comedy drama satirises the presumptuous and materialistic Korean upper-crust mentality, whose power and wealth is passed down generation by generation.

17 questions with Go Ah Sung on love & life

While still filming for Heard It As A Rumour, she opened up in an interview about her thoughts on love, her insecurities and thoughts on her career.

Heard It As A Rumour airs every Monday & Tuesday, 8.55pm on ONE (SingTel mioTV Ch 513/604/ & StarHub TV Ch 124/820/823).

Read on for Go Ah Sung’s earnest answers on her life and future plans.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
Although you see my often on the red carpets and events, I am actually very shy.

How do you act or survive in the entertainment industry if you are shy? 
Oh right, ‘shy’ isn’t exactly the best word to describe me. It is more like a lack of confidence. I am not good with expressing myself.

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