A timeline of what it takes to meet Yoon Eun Hye

The Korean actress stopped by our little red dot to chat about her career, fashion, and her much-anticipated stint on Running Man 

A timeline of what it takes to meet Yoon Eun Hye

Photos: L'Oréal 

With the start of Singapore Fashion Week, fashion icons and celebrities from all over the world have descended on our little red dot – with that, us in the media industry have also started bustling about from event to event to catch all the stars in the flesh.

As the only Korean representative at the glitzy event this year, anticipation to speak to Yoon Eun Hye was running high – what tidbits would we be able to learn from the elusive actress and how strict would her agency be with the local media?

The answer was pretty clear: very strict. We were notified in the morning of the press conference that no videography would be allowed (sorry guys, we tried) except for the official videographer; and we would be briefed in more detail when we arrived.

2.35pm: Upon arriving at the Grand Hyatt, we were briefed on the list of no-nos: no questions on her personal and love life, no questions on Kim Jong Kook, no photography throughout the event – even with mobile phones – except for a short photo call at the end in which only six pre-approved photographers would be allowed to snap away.

At that point, we couldn’t help but wonder: what happened overnight that caused the sudden crackdown on visual captures during the event? Did she eat one too many bowls of ramyeon last night, causing her face to bloat? (We know that feel.)

3:05pm: Her team strides into the room and checks everything, starting from the two lone bar stools on the stage. No fewer than four people sit on them, getting the photo and video teams to take test shots from all angles which would then be carefully scrutinised.

Test shots were also taken at the photo wall, followed by furious discussion about the optimal positions for the actress before bustling out once a conclusion is reached.

3:19pm: Left Profile artiste and the newly crowned Best Variety Show Host Pornsak steps on stage, reminding us of the commandments of the day, inviting famed Korean hairstylist Chahong on stage to share a bit more on L'Oréal’s new V-Look service. Only one question from the floor was posed to the beauty guru – almost everyone was waiting for the arrival of the day’s final guest.

A timeline of what it takes to meet Yoon Eun Hye

3:39pm: Yoon Eun Hye floats into the room in a chic khaki one-piece, bee lining immediately to the photo wall, where she breaks into giggles when informed that the interview would take place before the photo call. Note: no ramyeon-bloated face in sight.

Questions on her locks (she brought home-care products all the way from Korea to maintain her hair), her perception on beauty (inner beauty with a positive and healthy mindset is the most important) and fashion advice for teens (try everything – even rainbow socks – as long as you don’t go overboard) were posed while Pornsak snuck in a question on her impression on Singaporean men (“because we can’t talk about Korean men!”).

3:50pm: The question on everyone’s minds was popped: Is there a possibility of Yoon Eun Hye appearing on Running Man and would she choose to be on Kim Jong Kook’s team? A palpable awkwardness fills the room as we expect a bolt of lightning to strike at any time.

Unexpectedly, the translator asks her the question in Korean, to which she pauses for a moment before chuckling, “(If I appear on the show), I think the producers would put me on the same team as Jong Kook regardless of my intentions.”

With that, a sudden announcement that only two more questions would be answered before we called it a day was made.

3:59pm: The media session comes to a conclusion as she is shown to the photo wall. Yoon Eun Hye busies herself with her dress, worrying that it got wrinkled (“that’s why I was hoping to have the photo call before the question and answer!”) while she was sitting down. She puts her game face on as photographers positioned across the stage snap away in the prized few seconds.

4:00pm: The photo call comes to an end as she is quickly escorted out of the room by her ever-present team, with promises to see us again at the hair show that very night.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that despite her current intention to work on movies for the rest of the year, which translates to probably not having time to film any dramas – we’ll be able to catch her on the small screen very soon with a certain Running Man cast.

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