Ahn Jaehyun denies rumours of a shotgun marriage with Goo Hyesun

The couple were recently spotted travelling to Jeju Island as well


Ahn Jaehyun denied rumours of a shotgun marriage with Goo Hyesun on a recent episode of the Korean variety show, New Journey to the West 2. When asked if there were “any special reasons for the sudden marriage”, Jaehyun swiftly answered, “Because I like her too much, so I want to quickly get married and experience life as a newlywed with her.”

Jaehyun first made waves with his turn as Cheon Yoonjae, the female protagonist’s younger brother, in the smash hit You Who Came From the Stars. In March this year, the actor admitted to his relationship with his Blood co-star, Hyesun, with their wedding slated to take place on May 21.

Since then, Jaehyun has not been shy about showing his love for Hyesun online. Although it has only been barely two months since they went public , Jaehyun has already posted two pictures of their dates, including a video of his proposal to Hyesun with a car full of flowers.


Recently, Jaehyun and Hyesun were spotted together at Gimpo International Airport on the way to Jeju Island, with reports confirming that the couple went to Jeju for two days to shoot their wedding photos emerging today.

It was also reported that while many brands have scrambled to sponsor the wedding of the celebrity couple, the lovebirds have not accepted any sponsorships, as they want to focus on each other’s family and have a low-key wedding.

As of today, the couple has not revealed the time and place of their wedding, and will not be inviting any media representatives to cover it as well.  The couple will also be donating any money they receive from well-wishers during the wedding.

Photos: PBE Media

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