Announcer apologises to Junsu for offensive remarks

The artiste was back in his hometown for a performance when insults were directed at both him and his fans

Announcer apologises to Junsu for offensive remarks

Photo: C-JeS Entertainment

JYJ’s Junsu, together with his fans, were up in arms after an announcer made offensive remarks against them while the artiste was at a promotional event yesterday (Apr 23)

The event was held in the city of Goyang, which is north of Seoul, and invited Junsu to be its honorary ambassador. Being at the Goyang International Flower Expo had a special significance to Junsu, who grew up in the city.

At the event, emcee Park Sang Do, who is an announcer with broadcasting station SBS, said to the fans gathered, “You have to be good if you want to hear Junsu sing. He won’t be able to sing if we aren’t satisfied.” Announcer Park hosts a breakfast news and talk show titled ‘Let’s Go! Morning Wide’. According to his profile on their site, he has been with SBS since 1993.

He made more questionable remarks after Junsu’s performance, “Should we call him back (on stage)? If you can’t come back and sing some more, at least say goodbye.” Which was followed by, “He really left? Even though we had more time? Even though three congressmen are here? The Hallyu wave is really scary.” once he received confirmation that Junsu had taken his leave.

Lastly, his comment “We’ll try to get a bigger budget (next time) so he can sing three songs” eventually caused Junsu to take to his Twitter account to vent his frustrations. “Even though I don’t know the emcee well, it seems that you should at least have some manners regardless of age. You’re really disrespecting my fans and I.”

He later updated with another post, sharing, “Everyone, even though there was an upsetting incident, let’s stop and let it go for now. Above all, the feeling of having the chance to sing in my hometown after so long was really great. Even though the schedule came at short notice and I only was there for a while, I’m sincerely thankful to those who showed up to support me.”

Announcer Park issued his apology today, sharing that he has “no excuse” for his remarks and that he too felt that his mistake was inexcusable. He ended his apology stating that he will support Junsu’s future activities.

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