Apink to return in July with summer track

The group will work with producer Shinsadong Tiger again for their comeback

Apink to return in July with summer track

Photo: A Cube Entertainment

It seems like comebacks are raining down in K-Pop as summer returns to Korea. Girl group Apink has announced that they will be joining the jam-packed summer schedule with their comeback in July.

Confirming that they will join hands with producer Shinsadong Tiger for their upcoming summer track, fans are expecting another hit song. Shinsadong Tiger produced ‘LUV’ and ‘NoNoNo’ for the group and was also the brains behind EXID’s viral ‘Up & Down’, among other hits.

The summer comeback season unofficially kicked off with three comebacks on June 22: SISTAR with ‘Shake It’, TEEN TOP with ‘ah-ah’ and AOA with ‘Heart Attack’. These, however, have been met with mixed reviews, with some expressing their hopes for a representative summer track to be released by the massive lineup this year.

Among those who are reported to be holding their comebacks this summer are Girls’ Generation, BTOB, Girl’s Day, BIGBANG, INFINITE and Nine Muses.

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