Arrest made over rumours spread about Lovelyz’s Jisoo

The group will be making their next comeback without Jisoo

Arrest made over rumours spread about Lovelyz’s Jisoo

Photos: Woollim Entertainment

An arrest has been made over malicious rumours spread about Lovelyz’s Jisoo. The Seoul Mapo Police Station confirmed today (Feb 11) that Mr. A has been taken into custody for spreading false information online about Jisoo.

A representative from the police force confirmed that the case has been handed over to prosecutors and that the identity of Mr. A will has been ordered to be kept confidential. Jisoo was embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal last year in which numerous people claimed to be victims of her sexual abuse and rape.

She was subsequently hospitalised for over a week due to mental distress and has subsequently been resting. Despite this development in the case, Korean netizens have called for a thorough investigation into the matter as Mr. A is said to be someone who merely manipulated photos and claimed them as evidence, whereas the authenticity of the original victim’s allegations – whose claims were voiced prior to Mr. A’s – have not been publicly accounted for.

Lovelyz promoted its first studio album without her and recently released a comeback teaser which excluded her, prompting speculation that she will leave the group.

Her label, Woollim Entertainment, then clarified that she will return for the following comeback and denied that she will leave the group.

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