B.A.P returns to TS Entertainment

The sextet previously filed a lawsuit against their label seeking to nullify their contracts

B.A.P returns to TS Entertainment

Photo: TS Entertainment

B.A.P has reportedly resolved their issues with label TS Entertainment, making their return eight months after they filed a lawsuit against their label seeking to nullify their contracts.

TS announced through a press release that the issues between the sextet and company have now been resolved, sharing that “through our series of multiple communications and heartfelt efforts, we have finally restored trust in each other and B.A.P has returned to TS Entertainment on August 1, 2015.”

Recognising that the “long process has been painful for the B.A.P members, their parents and fans that have been the biggest source of unconditional support for the group, we promise to put our best efforts to create a bright future for B.A.P.”

Thanking the fans for their patience and support, they ended off their statement without sharing any further details for B.A.P’s future activities.

The original lawsuit was filed when the sextet found their contracts with the label too one sided, with the members’ health and profit distribution among the issues raised as the reasons behind their decision.

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