BEAST, BTS & GOT7 encounter GDA visa problems

The annual awards ceremony is slated to take place in Beijing on Jan 14 & 15

BEAST, BTS & GOT7 encounter GDA visa problems

The Golden Disk Awards (GDA), which is widely seen as the Korean equivalent of the Grammys, is slated to take place today and tomorrow (Jan 14 to 15) in Beijing. The ceremony sparked controversy for leaving out TVXQ!  and Super Junior from their initial nominee lists, but were later added to their respective categories.

It has been revealed hours ahead of the ceremony that some of the groups invited to participate in the glitzy awards have faced visa problems when entering China. As such, it remains unclear if the groups will be able to perform as a whole.

JYP Entertainment updated GOT7’s official fan cafe with a notice that “there was a problem in Bambam and Yugyeom’s visa issuance due to the event hosts’ mistake, hence they will not be able to participate” in the ceremony. The remaining five members successfully entered China with performance visas.

Cube Entertainment has also confirmed that four out of six BEAST members were not successfully granted performance visas and instead entered China with tourist visas. The label has commented that the hiccup might have been caused due to passport renewals and has yet to confirm if the group will carry on with its scheduled performance at the show.

Big Hit Entertainment’s Bangtan Boys has also been revealed to be a victim of visa problems, with Jung Kook confirmed to have been unable to receive a performance visa and entered China with a tourist visa. The label has maintained that the show will go on for the group with the declaration, “We intend to perform regardless of whether we have seven or six members.”

The 29th GDA ceremony will be hosted by Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and miss A’s Fei alongside broadcasters Kim Sung Joo and Jeon Hyun Moo.

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