BIGBANG to be YG’s first comeback artiste in 2015

The music giant confirmed their comeback but gave fans another mystery to solve 

BIGBANG to be YG’s first comeback artiste in 2015

Photo: YG Entertainment

BIGBANG has been confirmed as YG Entertainment’s first comeback artiste in 2015. The music giant first got fans excited with a mysterious poster released on March 25 which featured a bundle of dynamite with the numbers 20150401, signifying April 1.

YG finally lifted the veil of mystery today (Apr 1) with the confirmation that BIGBANG will be holding its long-awaited comeback. They previously pledged to release the group’s comeback details soon but have left fans hanging once again with the next set of dates revealed in the new poster.

In the series of new dates, it seems that a significant event will happen on the first day of May up till September. Fans have been left to wonder what this means and when their actual comeback will be.

A previous interview with CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed that the label was planning for BIGBANG’s junior male groups WINNER and iKON to hold their respective comebacks at one-month intervals after BIGBANG’s. While it has yet to be confirmed if this plan will be followed through with, it remains as a possibility for the dates mentioned in the new teaser.

YG previously shot down rumours of an April comeback for the group following reports that they had booked Seoul Olympic Park’s Gymnastic Stadium for their concerts from April 24 to 26, maintaining that the booking was made by the company in advance but that it was still unclear if they would go on with the concert.

BIGBANG’s last Korean release was their extended play Alive and its repackaged version, Still Alive, in February and April 2012 respectively.

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