Coming soon: Joo Won the action star?

The actor was in town to promote his latest drama, medical series The Gang Doctor

Coming soon: Joo Won the action star?

Video: Tan Shiqi

“I think all men have the sort kind of thinking - as a man, we should do manly things. I think action scenes are really something that can achieve that, which is why I really want to try out a full-out action role in the future,” Joo Won declared to a crowd of over 3000 screaming fans.

The musical-talent-turned-actor graced our little red dot for the very first time yesterday (Oct 10) as part of promotions for his latest drama, medical series The Gang Doctor. Arriving in Singapore after wrapping up activities in Jakarta, the 28-year-old, who only had about an hour of sleep, looked visibly tired but remained enthusiastic and sincere when interacting with the media and his fans.

Also on the tour was the actress who played his younger sister in The Gang Doctor, Park Hye Su. The 20-year-old first found fame as a contestant on reality series K-Pop Star 4 and made her acting debut with this drama.

Coming soon: Joo Won the action star?

“It was my first time acting so I worried a lot about whether I was able to do well. I remember my first scene with Joo Won very clearly - it was one where we sat down and had a meal together. This was our first time meeting but he made me feel like he was really my older brother and that helped to put me at ease,” she shared during the media session at Grand Park Orchard.

Joo Won’s professionalism on set was also exhibited on numerous occasions, with the actor shedding a whopping 7kg during filming because “out of 60 scenes, I’d probably be in 55 of them,” he grinned wearily. “There was an episode where I was shot so I finally got to lie down on a hospital bed instead of doing action scenes and I actually fell asleep. I think (my co-actress) Kim Tae Hee heard me snoring, so that was kind of embarrassing too,” he chuckled.

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