DAY6 confirms comeback as five

The group will make their return on March 30

DAY6 confirms comeback as five

Photo: JYP Entertainment

DAY6 will return as a five-man group next week after former as member Junhyeok left the group last month, citing personal reasons. Prior to his departure, he was embroiled in rumours that he dated a fan of the group.

Some fans of the group voiced their displeasure because she is said to have been a fan of another member, and that she was obvious about being in a relationship with him, revealing information, such as their locations, on public platforms.

These speculations were never confirmed and the girl in question denied that they were dating, and the news about him leaving the group was soon announced by label JYP Entertainment.

While some speculated that they would add an additional member to the group to make up for the keyboardist’s departure, the group put these rumours to rest with a teaser photo capturing only five members for their upcoming comeback.

DAY6 will return with Daydream on March 30.

One step forward for super rookies DAY6

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