Did Clara get caught lying again?

The actress accused her agency’s CEO of sexual harassment 

Did Clara get caught lying again?


South Korean entertainer Clara has been embroiled in a public standoff with Polaris Entertainment over alleged sexual harassment on the part of the agency’s CEO.

The problems between the star and her agency were first brought to light when Polaris confirmed last month that they were suing Clara without any further details provided. She later filed a lawsuit of her own, seeking the termination of her contract based on allegations that Polaris’s CEO sexually harassed her and that she had evidence to support her claims.

After which, Polaris asked for Clara’s approval to publicly reveal the messages exchanged between her and the CEO, to which she responded that the truth would be revealed by the courts and investigators of the case.

Today (Jan 19), Korean news outlet Dispatch released the alleged Kakaotalk messages between the two parties, in which she is seen initiating conversations with her CEO on numerous occasions. Additionally, Clara sent heart emoticons regularly and even pictures of her bikini and lingerie photo shoots.

The alleged messages also show Clara asking her CEO to “help me out (,) I’m having such a hard time” after Ladies Code’s RiSe and EunB’s funeral, despite getting chastised by her CEO for not attending their wakes nor funerals. The group is also signed under Polaris.

Clara previously was caught and admitted to lying on multiple occasions. Her untruths were uncovered when she made contradictory statements on different variety shows.

She expressed in a Facebook post in 2013, “Is it a lie to say I like chicken and beer because I’m with good friends in a good atmosphere even though I don’t like chicken and beer? Is it a lie to be good at yoga when I was never taught it? Is it a lie to say I never dated a celebrity because I didn’t want to mention my celebrity ex-boyfriend?”

Clara has yet to respond to the alleged messages at press time.

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