Doubts over Kim Hyun Joong’s ex’s miscarriage surface

She was found to not have any records of pregnancy nor miscarriage last year

Doubts over Kim Hyun Joong’s ex’s miscarriage surface

Photo: KeyEast Entertainment

Another month; another plot twist. Kim Hyun Joong has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons – he was first fined for habitually abusing his ex-girlfriend earlier this year, with subsequent lawsuits between the two being made public after the case was closed.

His enlistment in May did nothing to dampen the public’s scrutiny over his personal life after a fresh lawsuit by his ex alleging that he caused her to miscarry after he hit her, followed by a counter lawsuit by the singer-actor to refute those claims were reported.

Their case has become even more complicated with his representatives revealing that there are no records of her getting pregnant nor having a miscarriage last year – a claim for which he paid her KRW600 million (S$730,500) as settlement last year.

The reports state that instead of getting assaulted by Kim Hyun Joong, she sustained an injury while working on the weights machine at a gym and received six weeks of treatment as a result. They also state that she threatened the idol with news of her miscarriage even though she was never pregnant in the first place.

Her legal representatives have yet to respond at press time.

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