Eunjung: T-ARA can’t return to our past popularity

The idol opened up about the effects of the bullying controversy on the group

Eunjung: T-ARA can’t return to our past popularity

Photo: MBK Entertainment

T-ARA’s Eunjung recently made her solo debut under the stage name Elsie and released I’m Good earlier this month.

Speaking about her stage name, she shared on 1theK’s #hashtag interview that there was a dual meaning to it: a promise to God along with liveliness and cheerfulness.

In a separate interview, she opened up to Korean news outlet TV Report on the effects that the bullying controversy surrounding former member Hwayoung had on T-ARA’s popularity. Admitting that she feels that T-ARA cannot return to their past popularity after what has happened, they have accepted it as a fact and do not harbour any resentment or hate because of it.

The 26-year-old added that her current motivation is for the public to see T-ARA in a positive light and that anything more than that will have to be left for later.

Eunjung will hold a fan meeting to commemorate her solo debut on May 16.

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