EXID gears up for comeback with ‘Ah Yeah’

The group is under pressure to live up to the hype of ‘UP&DOWN’

EXID gears up for comeback with ‘Ah Yeah’

Photo: Yedang Entertainment

Trending Korean girl group EXID is set to make their comeback with their second mini album Ah Yeah. They released the teaser video for their title track of the same name today (Apr 7) after unveiling concept photos of the members during the past week.

The group shot to overnight stardom months after the release of ‘UP&DOWN’ when a fan-taken video of Hani performing the song at an event went viral. The video has since amassed more than 12 million views. The group invited the fan who took the video to dinner to thank him for their sudden surge in popularity but he ultimately declined their offer.

With the surge in popularity, the members have also seen an increase in the number of individual and group activities – in particular, Hani has been appearing on numerous popular variety programmes including Happy Together and Running Man.

Details of their comeback, including the track list and cover photo, were leaked earlier this week which revealed that there will be a total of five tracks on their mini album.

EXID is under immense pressure to live up to the hype of ‘UP&DOWN’, especially since their song won on Music Bank, a weekly music programme, six months after its release. Korean weekly music shows usually crown a winner every episode based on the song’s current performance on the charts.

EXID will return with Ah Yeah on April 13.

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