EXID’s label deny Hani’s sex slave rumours

The label issued a statement after a blind item emerged on the internet

EXID’s label deny Hani’s sex slave rumours

Photo: Yedang Entertainment

EXID’s label, Yedang Entertainment, issued a statement rejecting that Hani’s sex slave rumours. The speculation arose after a recent blind item surfaced, stating that a girl group member that started getting popular long after their debut was having an affair with one of South Korea’s top middle-aged actors.

It went on to say that the relationship started when the female debuted and that she would still readily respond to any sexual requests that the man has, further claiming that the actor has a perverted side.

Although the original blind item did not include any names, numerous comments guessed that Hani and actor Lee Byung Hun were the subjects of the rumour. Yedang then took the unusual path of denying the rumours, further raising eyebrows.

In their statement, they stated that the blind item rumours were unfounded and hateful rumours. They added that they paid no attention to the buzz during the initial stages but decided to clarify the rumours once and for all. Yedang declared that aggressive action will be taken against those who further spread the story, ending off with the assurance that EXID is working on a new song.

Their plan to put a stop to the rumours once and for all may have backfired, with netizens questioning the need for them to clarify the matter when Hani was never directly accused of being involved in the matter.

EXID recently shot to popularity after years of being lesser-known after a fan-taken video of Hani performing ‘Up & Down’ went viral.

In related news, EXID released a new ‘Up & Down’ music video this week with slightly amended lyrics for LG U+.

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