EXPOSED: When K-pop idols finally strip

EXPOSED: When K-pop idols finally strip

EXPOSED: When K-pop idols finally strip

The act of stripping is no stranger in the land of entertainment, particularly in K-pop. However, for every hunky Hallyu hottie who rips off his shirt every chance he gets, there are a few who would rather keep their physiques to themselves (even if they have nothing to hide).

Thankfully, every now and again, prayers are answered, and kimchi land’s finest who do not often indulge in the act of flashing the flesh offer devotees a precious peek at their pectorals and abdominal region. Scroll down to take a long, hard, gratuitous look at the idols that send fans into a tizzy whenever they finally give them the occasional glimpse at their [almost] naked glory.

EXPOSED: When K-pop idols finally strip


For the longest time since he established himself as a charismatic sex symbol, VIPs have been wondering when their smouldering oppa would join his bandmates Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri and show off his unclothed upper body.

His role in Tazza: The High Rollers 2 finally gave them what they were waiting for: a chance to see the deep-voiced, piercing-gazed visual in all his bare-chested glory. Admitting that he “morbidly hates exposing” himself (so much so that whenever he was filming a topless scene, he screamed with embarrassment), T.O.P explained that he aimed for a “small and skinny” look by not working out his arms and shoulders, as the film was not an action movie.

Er, we don’t know what you’re talking about, T.O.P, but we took a gander at shots of your shirtlessness, and “small and skinny” is far from how we would describe the, uh, view. And now that you’ve conquered your fear of the buff on the big screen, perhaps it’s time to take that newfound confidence to the stage of your next concert, hmmm?

EXPOSED: When K-pop idols finally strip


SHINee’s Taemin

It was only a matter of time before the doe-eyed maknae (youngest member) took cues from his hyungs (older brothers) Minho and Jonghyun to go sans shirt on stage, doing so at this year’s SMTOWN concert in Seoul halfway  through his performance of solo single ‘Danger’.

While that was far from his nude debut (he has gone topless for photo shoots and bared a bit in the music video for ‘Everybody’), it was the first time he stripped in front of a live audience, which was such a big deal that “Taemin Shirtless Stage” became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

Some folks may nit-pick on Taemin’s skinny frame, but this boy is, after all, a lean, mean dancing machine (with emphasis on “lean”), and we don’t think he’d be able to pull off his rapid, agile choreography if he had the mass of a bodybuilder.

EXPOSED: When K-pop idols finally strip

(Photo: The FNC)

CNBLUE’s Jonghyun

Strip shows are never part of the quartet’s showcase sets, so you can imagine BOICE’s delight when guitarist/vocalist Lee Jonghyun posed in a completely unzipped hoodie (with nothing else underneath) for a magazine shoot.

Okay, so this isn’t quite “topless” because technically, he’s still wearing something, but fans certainly weren’t complaining. Some impassioned responses we found online were “I never imagined this day would come” (in caps lock and with multiple exclamation points), “Why did it take me so long to see his holy light?” and “Is it ever going to be Yonghwa’s turn?”

We want to know the answer to that last question too, but in the meantime, we shall gladly settle for this.

EXPOSED: When K-pop idols finally strip

(Photo: Grazia)

F.T. Island’s Jaejin

The whole band doesn’t bust out the brawn often (save for buff leader Jonghoon, but even he keeps his Magic Mike-esque mini shows to a comparative minimum), but bassist Jaejin went against the grain for a gritty magazine shoot earlier this year.

Prior to his on-film portrayal of a beat-up boxer standing tall, Jaejin underwent a short but intense period of body-building to transform his image from pretty boy to manly man. The process was documented on styling reality show Fashion Killa, and featured shots of the musician’s rippling back muscles as he sweated it out at the gym. And we must say: the result is rather impressive.

So Jaejin, on behalf of all Primadonnas out there: are you going to show this new hunky, unattired side of yours at a concert soon? And when are the rest of your bandmates going to follow in your footsteps?

EXPOSED: When K-pop idols finally strip

(Photos: Screenshots, CeCi)

Super Junior’s more “modest” members

While there are a few SJ boys who are guilty of bringing out the brawn a little too often (not that we blame them), there are others who prefer to keep their bods under wraps as much as they can – that is, until the ELF stars align and they give fans an ever-so-rare and precious peep at their own personal Super Shows.

One infrequent partaker of the sacred act of public garment-forsaking is Ryeowook, who showed us a side – and a six-pack – we never knew he had with his ‘Moves Like Jagger’ solo performances at Super Show 4. Fellow mostly-covered-up main vocalist Yesung offered a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it unveiling of his torso at a couple of concerts that same year, and Super Junior-M’s Henry showed off a surprisingly chiselled bod that betrays his mischievous mien during his ‘Trap’ promotions.

It’s been a while since they dared to bare again, but at least fans have the group’s more regular nudists (you know who they are) to rely on.

EXPOSED: When K-pop idols finally strip

(Photo: Marie Claire Korea)

B2ST’s more “modest” members

For an outfit with their name (read like the word “beast”), you’d think this sextet would strip as often as 2PM. But while Kikwang, Dongwoon and Hyunseung unabashedly brandish their forms, Junhyung, Yoseob and Doojoon are a little more reserved in this area.

But one, fine glorious day, Marie Claire Korea put them all on equal, disrobed ground when they shot the sextet shirtless for one of their issues. While the steamy snapshot only showed half their torsos, it was a pure treat for B2UTIES nonetheless, especially with their tans, guyliners and mussed-up hair adding to the sensual aura.

Other rare glimpses the latter trio have delivered to devotees include the fleeting abs-revealing shirt-lift (the extremely baby-faced Yoseob usually surprises people with his rock-hard six-pack) and onscreen nude scenes, which Doojoon partook in for sitcom All My Love when he posed as a naked model for artists.

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