G-Dragon suspected to be dating Nana Komatsu

The duo were photographed sporting couple bracelets


After BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara reportedly broke up late last year, the duo have both moved on and started new relationships.

In a picture uploaded on Instagram, eagle-eyed fans spotted G-Dragon wearing an identical bracelet as Japanese model Nana Komatsu, who was spotted wearing the accessory at an event.

The uncanny coincidence sparked off rumours that the two are dating as fans quickly assumed that they were couple bracelets. Many fans left comments on G-Dragon’s Instagram post, lamenting, “[You’re dating a] Japanese model again”, and “Your taste [in women] is still the same.”


The duo first met in 2015 at a fashion show in South Korea, with Nana professing to be a fan of the singer. G-Dragon also praised the 20-year-old, saying, “At that time, there weren’t many Asian guests attending the fashion show apart from us [Nana and him]. However, as one of Asia’s beauties, Nana really stands out, and she’s really pretty [as well].”

Nana and G-Dragon also posed together for the March issue of the Japanese magazine NYLON, where they were photographed hugging each other, cheek-to-cheek, just like a couple. Nana was also spotted attending a BIGBANG concert as well, and even went for a meal with them after that.


Photos: PBE Media

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