Girl's Day album to do away with CD

The Korean girl group release will be the world’s first to use smart cards

Girl's Day album to do away with CD

Korean quartet Girl’s Day announced their third comeback of the year with a ballad title track late last month. Their label has released more information on their return, highlighting that their EP will be released in the form of a smart card instead of the traditional CD. They have also touted it as a world’s first.

While the track list has yet to be revealed, the smart card will work with smartphone application Kihno, which makes use of NFC (Near field communication) technology to communicate. Their agency expressed that the music video and images from the EP will also be made available via Kihno.

At press time, Kihno is only available for Android devices, which leaves the question of whether fans of the group that phones with other operating systems will be able to make use of the technology.

Girl's Day will release their album on October 15.

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