Hordes of fans trap Luhan at Chinese train station

Pop star begs for space to no avail, sits down on platform


Photos: PBE Media

Chinese pop singer Luhan, 25, found himself trapped in a train station by fans who showed up to meet him.

Yesterday, the singer rode the high-speed rail from Beijing to Zhejiang, China, to take part in the filming of variety programme Hurry Up, Brother.

But Luhan couldn’t fight his way through the thick crowd that had formed to welcome him. He begged his fans to let him through, saying, “Don’t push, please,” “I just want to leave this train station, is that so difficult?”


None of his pleas worked, so he sat down on the rail platform in frustration. In the end, he had to board another train and take a detour to his hotel.

The singer later posted a solemn message on Weibo, which read: “I’m grateful for your enthusiasm and I understand it, everyone knows I have trouble with flying and there was no dedicated passageway at train stations, so travelling is stressful. I’m particularly concerned someone will get hurt.”


He said too many fans had crowded the train station when he tried to leave and he feared for the safety of his fans. Luhan then pleaded fans to avoid welcoming him at train stations, and he urged them to meet him at safer venues instead.

The singer was part of South Korean boyband EXO from 2011 to 2014.

Is there a chance for Luhan, Tao & Kris to return to EXO?  

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