Hyun Bin to make long-awaited drama comeback

The actor has chosen his first small-screen project after completing his mandatory military service

Hyun Bin to make long-awaited drama comeback

Photo: Reuters

South Korean actor Hyun Bin will finally make his small-screen comeback after his last hit drama, Secret Garden, which aired in 2010. He enlisted for his mandatory military service in March 2011 and has yet to film any dramas since his discharge from the Marine Corps on December 6, 2012.

SBS, which also aired Secret Garden, announced that the 32-year-old will headline upcoming drama Hyde, Jekyll & I, which is slated for a release in January 2015. The rest of the cast, including the female lead, have yet to be cast but representatives shared that filming will begin in the middle of next month.

The drama, which is based on a web-comic, revolves around a second-generation chaebol (business conglomerate) with a split personality – namely Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Both his personalities fall in love with the same woman, which leads to a love triangle in which he plays two roles.

This drama will not be Hyun Bin’s first acting project after completing his service. He took on the role of King Jeongjo in the movie The Fatal Encounter, his first period role. 

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