Infinite F releases Heartbeat teaser

The sub-unit of the popular boy band comprises of L, Sungyeol and Sungjong

Infinite F releases Heartbeat teaser

Photo: Universal Music Japan

Woollim Entertainment announced today (Nov 6) that Infinite’s sub-unit, Infinite F, will make its official debut soon.

In a teaser video released by the label, L, Sungyeol and Sungjong can be seen basking in the warmth of a sunny day from a hot air balloon and running freely on a lush field. The F in the unit’s name stands for flower.

The group was first announced at Infinite’s encore concert in Seoul held on February 28 and March 1 and performed ‘Heartbeat’ for the first time.

The teaser included the title of the song in both Korean and Japanese, leading fans to believe that the song will be released in both languages.

At press time, Woollim has only confirmed Infinite F’s Japanese debut on November 19 with Love Sign. There will be three covers available for their first release.

There has been no official word of when Korean promotions will begin.

In other related news, Woollim Entertainment recently introduced their latest addition to the company, their first girl group called Lovelyz which is made up of eight members. Lovelyz’s debut track will be released on Nov 10, followed by their debut album release on Nov 17.

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