Jessica Jung confirms 3-year relationship with Tyler Kwon

It’s her longest relationship to date


In a recent interview, former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung admitted to her relationship with businessman Tyler Kwon, after much speculation. When asked about the rumours surrounding Tyler and her, she said, “I don’t wish to deny it, there has been many reports saying that he’s my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for three years now, and it’s my longest relationship to date.”

Jessica also revealed why she had initially denied rumours of their relationship and said: “When I was still a member of Girls’ Generation, rumours of our relationship started to brew. However, my company at that time [SM Entertainment] requested me to deny the relationship. Tyler’s a very wise and farsighted guy. [I’ve] been in the entertainment industry for quite a while, and [it feels like] maybe people in other industries seem more attractive to me.”

When asked if there were any plans for marriage, she answered, “In the future, when we reach [a suitable] time, we will marry. Right now, many of my friends have gotten married and have given birth, and I feel a little jealous.”

Jessica also revealed that she wants to have at least two kids, saying, “As I have a sister myself, I feel that no matter what, [we’ll have] at least two children.”

The 27-year-old also shed light on her decision to sign with Coridel Entertainment, which is managed by her beau, at the start of the year. “As I have a lot of schedules overseas, I chose this company as they can support me best both in this area, and in music production,” she said, “The employees all converse in English as well, making it easier to communicate. The atmosphere between them is good as well.”

The singer-designer also said, “In this year and a half, I’ve thought a lot about matters relating to connections, and learnt plenty about loyalty. In the past, these matters did not affect me, but slowly, the industry became more and more cramped, and the connections between people grew deeper. I really treasure those who had gone through the good and bad times with me.”

Jessica left the Korean girl group Girls’ Generation in 2014, and branched out as a fashion designer with her own brand, ‘Blanc & Eclare’, before releasing her solo album recently, which topped charts.

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