JYJ’s Yoochun accused of sexual assault

The singer-actor’s company has denied the allegations


Boyband member Park Yoochun has been accused of sexual assault, according to Korea’s JTBC channel, who broke the news of the allegations recently.

According to the reports, the JYJ member, who’s currently serving his mandatory military service, was said to have sexually assaulted a woman, known as Ms A, an hour after they first met.

It is understood that Yoochun had first met Ms A in the wee hours of the morning on June 5, at a room salon in Gangnam. Later, she was said to have rejected the 30-year-old, who then forced himself on her in the bathroom.

A week after the incident, the woman went to the police to file a report and provided her undergarments as evidence. Investigations for the case are still underway.

However, the singer-actor’s company, C-JeS Entertainment have refuted the allegations, commenting that they will “co-operate with investigations, and will not bow down in the face of pressure.”

The police have also revealed that the CCTVs in the hallways and none in the bathrooms did not reveal anything unusual from the footage. The authorities are currently examining the clothes of Ms A, which were handed to them by her boyfriend, for traces of DNA evidence.

It was also reported that Yoochun had celebrated his birthday on June 4. His security guard had uploaded a group picture of him having a meal with the pop star and friends, which has since been deleted. The picture was captioned, “#happy #birthday. Sneaked into the house at one in the morning and called those who were awake to come out.”

Fans, who are in disbelief when the news broke out, have accused JTBC of reporting false news. C-JeS have released another statement saying they will be taking legal action against defamatory reports made by news outlets.

Photos: PBE Media

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