JYP unveils 16 contenders for upcoming girl group

The girls will be put through a survival reality programme and seven of them will ultimately form the group

JYP unveils 16 contenders for upcoming girl group

Photo: TPG

JYP Entertainment has revealed its 16 members of its upcoming survival reality programme, aptly named Sixteen. The contestants, including nine trainees and seven other candidates, will vie for a spot in the label’s upcoming seven member group.

Starting from April 13, the candidates were introduced in individual videos, with a press conference being held today (Apr 29) with all 16 and JYP’s founder, Park Jin Young, in attendance. In a teaser video for the show, Park Jin Young shared, “The most exciting part about doing this show is that I truthfully don’t know I will end up choosing.”

The girls are a mix of ethnicities, with trainees from Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand included in the mix. If non-Koreans are chosen for the group, they will not be the first in the company. Current artistes including 2PM’s Nichkhun and miss A’s Fei and Jia are from Thailand and China respectively.

With EXO’s foreign members currently grabbing headlines for contractual issues, Park Jin Young was asked about the issue of foreign artistes debuting under their label. Sharing his thoughts on the matter, he mused that it was a largely trial and error process as they and their artistes seek the middle ground when it comes to deciding on the fairest contractual terms and plans for the members.

He also added that he feels strongly about sharing values sincerely with his artistes, sharing that he feels that this helps to build stronger bonds between them and act as a barrier against future problems.

Sixteen is slated to air its pilot episode on May 5.

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