JYP vows legal action against 2PM’s MV director

The director is said to have been committed to the project before suddenly announcing his withdrawal four days before it was slated to begin filming

JYP vows legal action against 2PM’s MV director

Photo: JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment has vowed legal action against the production company and director that were supposed to shoot 2PM’s comeback music video.

In an official statement uploaded on their site yesterday (May 11), they stated, “We received a unilateral notification from Dextor Lab’s director Han Sa Min, who agreed to work on 2PM’s music video which is due to be released on June 1, four days before filming that the production will not go on. They stated a “relationship with an artiste that will be returning at the same time” as the reason for their withdrawal.

Adding that JYP would take “strict legal action for the losses that the agency and artistes will face”, they apologised that 2PM’s comeback will therefore be delayed.

In the statement, another director who was supposed to film the music video for GOT7 was also singled out but it was later revealed that the director and JYP have come to an amicable understanding over the matter.

JYP later released another statement to elaborate on the matter. “Director Han Sa Min’s Dextor Lab started to discuss schedules with us in April and adjusted the (filming) schedule until it was agreed upon.

The concept, song, outfits, choreography and its details were shared and both the director and his staff were at planning meetings held on April 28 and May 5, where revisions were made and agreements on the detailed content with regards to production were made.

A cost estimate sheet which included filming set costs, filming times, cast and other details were sent to us on May 8, which we and 2PM checked and prepared for. However, on May 9, just four days before filming, Han Sa Min’s side called us to inform us that production will stop.”

JYP has yet to announce the new date for 2PM’s comeback.

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