KARA to return in May

The quartet is slated to release their seventh mini album

KARA to return in May

Photo: DSP Media

Kamilia (KARA’s fans) can rejoice with KARA’s confirmation that they will be making their return in May.

Their label, DSP Media, confirmed that they will be releasing their seventh mini album, almost a year after the release of Day & Night. The latter was the group’s first release after a change in its lineup: Nicole and Jiyoung left the group while Youngji joined the remaining three members after emerging victorious in DSP’s reality show KARA Project.

DSP shared that the quartet’s upcoming release will showcase the members’ growth and maturity since they last promoted, and that they are currently wrapping up production for the album. The concept and title track will be also revealed once the finishing touches on the album are completed.

Adding that KARA is working on the album with great care, they stressed that the girls are looking to show a new side of themselves through this comeback.

KARA last released Day & Night with its title track ‘Mamma Mia’ in August 2014.

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