Kim Hyun Joong fights for custody of love child

Actor, ex-girlfriend won’t compromise


Photos: PBE Media

South Korean actor and singer Kim Hyun Joong, 29, has started negotiations with his ex-girlfriend, surnamed Choi, to gain legal custody of their child, but both parties are insistent they are each better suited to raise the child.

On February 26, Ms Choi’s family and lawyers for Hyun Joong faced off in the Seoul Family Court to debate the paternity test the actor underwent last year and matters relating to child support.

This is the first time both parties met after the results of Hyun Joong’s paternity test were announced last December.

Lawyers for the actor said, “There is no way either is willing to back down; Ms Choi and Kim Hyun Joong both want to raise the child on their own.”

The first round of negotiations fell through, so a second one has been set for April 8.

Hyun Joong is still serving his compulsory military service. He previously stated he would care for child if it was proven to be his.

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