Kim Hyun Joong’s press conference on paternity test inconclusive

K-idol insists he would care for child if it’s proven to be his, but denies any chance of getting back together with ex-girlfriend

Kim Hyun Joong

Korean idol Kim Hyun Joong was to make public the results of a paternity test today at a press conference, but as the test has not been completed, the event was focused on a letter from him detailing his side of the saga.

Hyun Joong, who was represented by his legal team, said through his letter than he had complied with all requests for documentation and DNA for the paternity test. If the child is proven to be his, "I will be patient and do all that I can as a father," he wrote.

"Although there may be a child, there will be no getting back together with Ms Choi,"

He added that Ms Choi had barred access to the baby and kept it from being subjected to an independent DNA test.

This is the latest development surrounding Hyun Joong’s troubled relationship with the former ex-girlfriend surnamed Choi.

Last Thursday Ms Choi said she would file a lawsuit against the pop star, claiming he had refused to undergo a paternity test to determine whether he’s the father of her child, born earlier this month.

Hyun Joong’s lawyers, however, denied the claim, and instead charged Ms Choi with not informing the singer–actor of her delivery and called the lawsuit libellous.

The leader of Korean boyband SS501, Hyun Joong got a further boost in popularity playing Yoon Ji-hoo in the 2009 drama Boys Over Flowers, but his image took a hit when allegations of domestic abuse arose last year. Ms Choi reportedly suffered broken ribs.

Despite a public apology posted on his website and a subsequent reconciliation, the pair separated afterwards. Hyun Joong enlisted for military service in May.

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