Korean singer involved in prostitution allegations speaks up

Widely believed to be soloist G.NA, she claims to have been fooled by someone she thought of as a friend

Korean singer involved in prostitution allegations speaks up

The Korean entertainment industry has been in upheaval as of late, with rumoured lists of sponsors and celebrity prostitutes circulating the internet.

One of those under investigation is a singer, only known in the media as C, who declared to the media that she was the victim of the middleman, whom she thought of as a friend. Based on the description given, which includes her age and that she recently left her label, many concluded that it was soloist G.NA, who debuted in 2010.

C shared that she admitted to all prostitution charges during the police investigation but clarified that she did not directly engage in the act – rather, the actions that she engaged in are viewed as prostitution in the eyes of the law.

She is said to have borrowed close to KRW2 million (S$23,400) from someone she thought of as a friend, following which he assured her that she did not need to return the money and instead just go on a blind date with his friend.

Admitting that she had intercourse with the man afterwards, C stressed that she never took money from him and thought of it as a natural progression in their relationship.

G.NA, who is widely thought of as C, last updated her Instagram account three weeks ago but many have flocked to her page to share their support for her during the scandal.

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