Lee Byung Hun makes public apology to Lee Min Jung

The South Korean actor apologised to his wife and the public yesterday after his blackmail scandal

Lee Byung Hun makes public apology to Lee Min Jung

Photo: BH Entertainment

50 days after he was embroiled in a blackmail scandal involving two younger women, namely GLAM’s Kim Da Hee and model Lee Jiyeon, South Korean actor Lee Byung Hun made a public apology to his actress wife Lee Min Jung yesterday.

He was filmed last month by one of the two woman making lewd comments when they were drinking and was thereafter blackmailed with the clip. Jiyeon was reportedly in an affair with Byung Hun for three months and she decided to blackmail him after he abruptly broke up with her.

The actor’s reputation took a beating from this scandal too as he is newly-married to his Korean actress wife, after a high-profile marriage last year. He addressed the matter in public for the first time yesterday at the airport before flying off to California as the tourism ambassador for an event there.

Having lost a significant amount of weight, Byung Hun was seen with a leaner frame at the airport. He emphasised that the rumours were not true and said, “I will do my very best to make up for the hurt I’ve caused my wife.”

Byung Hun’s management revealed he will be returning to Korea early next month but it is not decided whether he will attend the second court hearing on Nov 11.

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