Lee Jun Ki & Lee Yoo Bi injured on set

The pair were injured while filming upcoming drama Scholar Who Walks The Night

Lee Jun Ki & Lee Yoo Bi injured on set

Photos: Namoo Actors, Sidus HQ

Actors Lee Jun Ki and Lee Yoo Bi were injured while filming for Scholar Who Walks The Night yesterday (Jun 11).

Lee Jun Ki’s agency, Namoo Actors, confirmed the incident and shared that he underwent surgery for a nasal fracture yesterday. He is estimated to be taking a week off his schedules in order to recover.

In addition, Lee Yoo Bi was revealed to have sustained a herniated lumbar disc, which is causing pain in her lower waist. Her agency, Sidus HQ, shared that she was recommended to get up to two weeks of rest. However, they shared she is likely to only rest for two to three days with treatment and will look to return to work as soon as possible.

The show’s broadcaster, MBC, confirmed that the two are unable to continue filming but that the drama’s pilot episode will be aired as per scheduled. Scholar Who Walks The Night is a fantasy-period drama that will also involve vampires.

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