Lee Min Jung announces pregnancy

The actress is married to fellow actor Lee Byung Hun

Lee Min Jung announces pregnancy

Photo: MSteam Entertainment

Korean actress Lee Min Jung has confirmed through her agency that she is 27 weeks pregnant. Her husband, Lee Byung Hun, recently went through a very public court case, in which two women were found guilty of blackmailing him over sexual conversations and subsequently sent to jail.

MStream Entertainment, which manages the actress, expressed, “Having a child is a blessing as a wife but (Lee Min Jung) was very cautious about revealing the news due to the recent unfortunate events. She also worried about revealing it because of how important it is for her to remain in a stable condition throughout the pregnancy.”

They continued, “We hope that everyone will show their understanding towards her, who worried about when to reveal this news (and) we thank everyone for worrying about her during this difficult time. In the midst of these troubles, she will hold on to her heart and do her best for her family.”

Lee Min Jung last starred in 2014’s Cunning Single Lady alongside Joo Sang Wook and remained out of the spotlight during her husband’s scandal. Her agency last confirmed that she was in Los Angeles with Lee Byung Hun last November after he made a public apology to her for the trouble caused.

The 32-year-old is expected to deliver her first child in April. The couple has been married since August 2013.

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