Lee Si Young’s agency denies sex tape allegations

Rumours of the actress being blackmailed with the tape by her company were shot down by the label

Lee Si Young’s agency denies sex tape allegations

Photo: J,WIDE Entertainment

Korean actress Lee Si Young was alleged by a netizen to have been blackmailed by her company, J,WIDE Entertainment, with a sex tape. The rumours were shot down by the label, which called them false and malicious.

Netizens were stirred up earlier today (June 30) when an anonymous netizen stated on social media networks that the police were investigating after a report was made, alleging that J,WIDE was threatening the actress with a tape which showed her in the midst of sexual intercourse.

Stating that they are groundless and false, they went on to say that all the content is inaccurate and that the rumours have hurt Lee Si Young’s reputation and her emotions.

Declaring that they will be taking legal action against such rumour mongers, they added that they will go after the originator of the allegations and those who have spread or added on to the original postings. 

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