Luhan denies baby rumours

The report was uploaded by a Chinese gossip site and was swiftly shot down by his studio

Luhan denies baby rumours

Photo: Meilishuo

Luhan has shot down a report of him tying the knot and expecting a baby with a Korean girlfriend. The article was uploaded by a Chinese gossip site and his official studio swiftly issued a clarification statement.

The report alleged that a star with the surname L and his Korean girlfriend, who is currently in university, tied the knot in March, soon after she celebrated her birthday on March 1. They went on to say that the mystery couple was spotted engaging in public displays of affection in Nanjing, China and strolling the streets hand-in-hand in Hong Kong.

While the report did not specifically spell out any names, Luhan was pointed out by netizens to be the likely suspect as they hinted heavily that the person involved recently returned to China for his promotions after being involved in a Korean idol group.

To which, his studio called the speculations completely groundless, adding that they have damaged his reputation greatly. Clarifying that he has never had a Korean girlfriend, they added that he would much less have gotten married and be expecting a baby in the near future.

They went on to demand for the article to be removed and an apology from the site to be issued. Luhan’s studio has also stressed via their lawyers that they reserve the right to pursue legal action against the rumours.

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