MBLAQ to end promotions early due to G.O’s injury

The trio made the decision to end promotional activities due to G.O’s laryngitis

MBLAQ to end promotions early due to G.O’s injury

Photos: J. Tune Camp

MBLAQ has made their first comeback as a trio after Lee Joon and Thunder (Park Sang Hyun) left the group after their respective contracts expired.

The remaining members, Seungho, G.O, and Mir, have spoken about their struggles while preparing for their comeback, but they have also announced the unfortunate news that they will have to end promotions prematurely as G.O has been confirmed to be suffering from laryngitis.

MBLAQ made their return on June 9 with MIRROR and G.O was rushed to the hospital on June 11 after he felt extreme discomfort in his throat. He was hospitalised for injuries to his vocal chords but returned to the stage to carry on with the group's scheduled performances. He is said to have performed while lipsyncing in order to allow his throat to heal.

However, taking into consideration the extent of his injury, the trio has decided to end promotions early in order for G.O to make a full and speedy recovery. The group has expressed their desire to greet fans again once he makes a full recovery.

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