MR.MR’s Ryu leaves group; CEO admits to hitting him

The group has been embroiled in numerous scandals prior to this issue

MR.MR’s Ryu leaves group; CEO admits to hitting him

Photo: WinningInsightM

Korean boy group MR.MR announced the departure of its youngest member Ryu yesterday (Mar 4), citing “inevitable reasons” as his reason for parting with the group, explaining that his contract expired and that differences in opinion on music and other matters contributed to the split.

In a turn of events, Ryu posted on MR.MR’s official fan café soon after, disputing the company, WinningInsightM’s statement. He claimed that his departure was due to him being the victim of assault, contract disputes and being neglected by the label.

Ryu posted that he suffered physical and verbal abuse when he was called to the CEO’s office, saying that he was hit with “a file the size of my forearm”, and that he was dizzy and unable to hear well after the attack.

He added that there was also blood coming from his ears and was threatened with being removed from MR.MR if he did not comply with the CEO’s requests.

Ryu further went on to share that this was not the first time he was attacked and said that members were cursed at and deemed as money-minded when they requested to see specifics of calculations for various financial expenses.

Additionally, he claimed that his mother was told by company personnel that background checks were done on the members’ fathers and their parents’ addresses were known by the company. Any other questions brought up by the members were said to be met with abuse and accusations of causing discord.

Ryu concluded his post with the clarification that his contract with his label still stands, adding that he was sorry to his members and their fans for all the hurt caused by the incident.

In response, the CEO uploaded a post today confirming that he had physically assaulted Ryu but claimed that the item used to hit him was a thin vinyl file, adding that the file has been submitted to the police for investigations. He did not address any other allegations raised by Ryu.

MR.MR has been fraught with controversies since their debut, with former member Hon leaving the group after being involved in rumours where a transgender woman accused him of abandoning her after becoming famous.

Their self-titled song, which was released soon after Girls’ Generation’s song with a similar name, was also claimed by their CEO to be a diss track directed at the Hallyu icons.

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