No dating ban? SECRET remains single anyway

The South Korean girl group claimed that they have not dated anyone since debut

No dating ban? SECRET remains single anyway

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Before K-pop quartet SECRET arrives in town for their 2015 SECRET Fan Meeting in Singapore at Resorts World Theatre (Resorts World Sentosa) on June 27, Toggle caught up with the girls in an email interview.

Six years since their debut, SECRET has tried various concepts with their music releases – ‘Magic’ and ‘Madonna’ portrayed the girls as powerful divas while ‘Starlight Moonlight’ and ‘Shy Boy’ showed their cute and bubbly personalities. With an average age of 25, the group now prefers to present a more mature side on stage.

“For our next album, I wish we will have a sexy concept that would better suit our members’ age – something stronger than ‘I’m in Love’ (SECRET’s comeback track last year). I also think it would be a great idea to create a charismatic concept that is unique to SECRET,” added Sunhwa.

SECRET Time (official fanclub name) was recently distressed by rumours of discord between Sunhwa and Hana, after a recent episode of Mnet variety programme Yaman TV was aired. In the show, Hana dished on Sunhwa by saying that the latter has “a lot of complaints against the world when she drinks”.

Afterwards, Sunhwa, who has made a name for herself as an idol-turned-actress following her praiseworthy performances in Rosy Lovers and God's Gift - 14 Days, took to Twitter to explain her case. Attaching a screenshot of Hana on Yaman TV, the 24-year-old shared that she had confided in her members about her problems in regard to her “airhead image” during a drinking session three years ago.

Sunhwa later posted in a fan café to clarify that she was not offended by Hana’s comment and that she simply wanted to prevent any misunderstandings. Some fans, however, felt that it was normal for Hana to stir up reactions on a variety show and that Sunhwa’s public response was unnecessary, leading to speculations about SECRET’s internal conflict.

Their agency TS Entertainment quickly denied the reports and stated: “Sunhwa and Hana don’t have any problems with each other. That is why we didn’t think this was serious. We read what she had posted. If it was a problematic post, we would have asked her to delete it.”

Rumours aside, read on to find out more about SECRET’s solo plans, relationship status and message for Singapore fans.

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