Pinocchio comes out tops in series finale

The 20-episode drama topped its time slot, beating The King’s Face and Kill Me, Heal Me

Pinocchio comes out tops in series finale

Korean drama Pinocchio wrapped up its 20-episode run in what viewers lauded as a satisfying and believable ending. Starring young stars Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, the story revolves around a team of rookie journalists finding their place and learning about what it means to be a reporter.

The nationwide ratings for the show came in at 13.3% (AGB Nielson), which not only beat out competitor dramas The King’s Face and Kill Me, Heal Me but also marked the series’ highest ratings.

Park Hye Ryun and Jo Soo Won, the writer and director respectively, are no strangers to working with Lee Jong Suk. They previously collaborated in 2013’s I Can Hear Your Voice, which also saw veteran actress Kim Hae Sook on board.

Pinocchio earned praise for its ability to let viewers reflect on themselves and society as a whole based on the struggles faced by the characters in the drama, which added an extra level of relatability that connected its audience to the show.

Pinocchio will be followed by Hyde, Jekyll, Me, which stars Hyun Bun and Han Ji Min and will air its pilot episode on January 21.

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