Roommate to be taken off air

The reality show will end its two-season run on April 14

Roommate to be taken off air

Photo: SBS

SBS’s reality show Roommate will be taken off air after two seasons and will air its final episode on April 14.

The show features over ten celebrities living together in a house with five bedrooms and shared spaces such as the kitchen, living room and washrooms. It aimed to show the daily lives of the stars that were all fixed members of the show as they lived under one roof.

The second edition saw an influx of new cast mates to replace the members that left after the first season wrapped. However, the last few episodes saw a multitude of guests being invited onto the show, drawing criticism that the home became a guesthouse instead of achieving the ‘share-house’ concept that the show initially started off with.

A representative shared that the third season of the show was axed despite news that they were searching for new cast members and house. There were also plans to have a wrapping party with cast members from both seasons to be aired as the last episode but the idea was ultimately scrapped after it was deemed unfeasible.

SBS has yet to confirm which show will be taking over Roommate’s current timeslot on Tuesdays at 11.15pm KST.

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