S.M. to support EXO’s Lay’s Chinese activities

The entertainment giant set up a studio for their artiste in order to aid in his China activities

S.M. to support EXO’s Lay’s Chinese activities

Photo: S.M. Entertainment

S.M. Entertainment has announced the establishment of a studio for EXO’s Lay in China to aid in his activities in the country.

The concept of individual artiste studios was first introduced by media giants Huayi Brothers and has been adopted quickly by many others in the Chinese market. The studio operates by allowing the artiste to be tied to the parent company but having the freedom to hire its own staff and make its own decisions with regards to schedules and activities.

These studios are usually headed by the artistes themselves, and funding usually comes from the parent company or from sponsors, and matters such as contracts and schedules are handled solely by the studio.

In Lay’s case, he will be allowed to concentrate on his Chinese activities and work with parties which are otherwise unaffiliated to S.M while still having the backing of his label. Some artistes that have adopted such methods include Fan Bingbing and Ruby Lin.

Through an official press released by S.M., Lay expressed that he would use the studio as “a foundation for solidifying my intention to honour the terms of my contract and will do my best to help S.M. to expand even more in China.”

This unprecedented move comes after the entertainment giant lost three of its Chinese artistes due to contractual issues – Super Junior’s Hangeng in 2009 and EXO’s Kris & Luhan last year.

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