Sam’s story: The eight years it took to make a Korean debut

The musician gave an insight of his trainee years and how it actually paid off to wait that long before making his move



We don’t know about you, but to us, eight years is a pretty long time to wait for something; but as they say, good things come to those who wait. That length of time is just how long Korean singer-songwriter Sam spent to make his official debut.

While he has yet to hit it big, his four singles that have been progressively released since February last year, with a full album slated to be released before the turn of the new year.

“It was a very long time,” he admitted, “I think every minute of it was the best because I really needed the time to fully understand the kind of music I wanted to do and who I wanted to do it with”.

At the tender age of six, Sam’s family went through a financial crisis and “my parents felt like they had to look for another dream, so we moved to Chicago in 1995. We started with nothing and through all those different experiences I think my music grew; even though we weren’t financially stable my mum always put me through music – music was the first thing for me so the writing I do is really based of my family.”


His upcoming tracks, which will be included in his year-end album, include tunes inspired by his migration to the US, the struggles he went through as a Korean-American growing up in a foreign environment and the trials and tribulations his parents went through. “They immigrated for my sister and I – I feel like I am their dream and as a new generation I really want to make it up to them”.

With him alone in Korea and his family halfway around the world, Sam shared that the only hard part about his trainee life was being apart from them. Having spent that time honing his skills before stepping out into the spotlight, the artiste naturally saw fellow trainees make their respective debuts, something that he philosophised was all a matter of timing.

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