School 2015 & Reply 1988 confirmed for broadcast this year

The two upcoming dramas have high expectations to live up to following the success of their respective franchises

School 2015 & Reply 1988 confirmed for broadcast this year

Photos: tvN, KBS, SidusHQ

Fans of Korean dramas can rejoice with the confirmation that School 2015 and Reply 1988 are slated for broadcast this year.

Broadcaster KBS first confirmed the continuation of its ‘School’ series, which started in the 1990s but was revived with the hugely popular School 2013, which starred young actors Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin.

Reports have suggested that School 2015 will revolve around the high-school lives of two girls – a popular girl who goes missing and comes back with amnesia and a transfer student who rises to become the queen bee after the former goes missing.

While none of the cast members have been confirmed, actress Lee Yu Bi has been reported to be offered one of the lead roles. She was last seen as the creepy-yet-nice stalker-turned-reporter Yoon Yoo Rae in hit drama series Pinocchio.

School 2015 & Reply 1988 confirmed for broadcast this year

Likewise, entertainment network tvN confirmed that its ‘Reply’ series will return in the second half of the year. Reply 1997 was first broadcasted in 2012 and centered on the lives of six friends from when they were high-schoolers in 1997 to their reunion dinner in 2012.

Starring actor Seo In Guk and Apink’s Eunji, the drama was well-received by the public and was later continued with a spinoff drama, Reply 1994. Details of the upcoming Reply 1988 have yet to be confirmed as the project is currently in its infancy stages.

School 2015 is slated to air its pilot episode on April 27, while Reply 1988 has yet to announce a fixed broadcast date.

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